Affordability Grant (For Children Of Grade 1 Or Above)

The provincial government of Ontario, Canada, introduced the Affordability Grant, specifically aimed at families with children who haven't yet reached Grade 1 or above. This grant is accessible to all families, regardless of their financial level, unlike income-based grants. The day facility manages the application process; depending on the child's monthly attendance, it automatically transmits the required data.

This grant is available to families enrolled for 50 or more hours of childcare each month. It's crucial to remember that the fees shown on our website already reflect the grant-related discount.

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Financial Support for Pre-School Children

In addition to the Affordability Grant, parents of children who have not started school and earn less than $180,000 annually can apply for an additional subsidy. Both parents in a dual-parent home must be employed or attending school to be eligible for this subsidy.

Remember that the subsidy amount is determined by the number of hours utilized and the entire amount displayed is based on 100 hours of attendance. If a child attends the school for fewer hours, the subsidy will be adjusted accordingly.

Subsidy Program for Children Attending Grades 1-6

The subsidy program works differently for children attending Grades 1-6, and no Affordability Grant is available. Parents can qualify for the subsidy if their annual income is below $90,000. Similar to the previous scenario, in a dual-income home, both parents must be employed and attending school to be eligible.

If you meet the requirements for a full subsidy, the following monthly amounts apply:

• Kindergarten: $266

• Grade 1-6: $366

Note: The maximum income threshold is established at $90,000 annually; however, these amounts may decrease as income levels rise.

It's important to understand that the subsidy is determined based on attendance hours. The figures above are based on 50 hours for Grades 1-6 and 100 hours for Kindergarten. If a child attends the school for fewer hours, the subsidy will be adjusted accordingly.


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