I Love STEAM Program

At Vcare Montessori, we aim to give kids worthwhile and valuable learning opportunities. We greatly value encouraging and supporting young children's inherent wonder and curiosity. To achieve this, we establish settings supporting and promoting these attributes.

We firmly think that children may create solid synaptic connections in their brains when they actively explore their surroundings with their hands, bodies, and senses. This hands-on teaching method allows children to build significant connections and greater awareness of their surroundings. Children may learn and develop in a way that has an impact and is suitable for their overall development by actively interacting with their surroundings.

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Fostering Curiosity and Active Learning

Our everyday routines incorporate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) as it is beneficial. We carefully selected various materials, tools, and equipment for indoor and outdoor locations that promote learning throughout different domains.

The STEAM approach enables kids to investigate specific ideas using numerous viewpoints and contexts. Through the incorporation of science, technology, engineering, art, and math, it promotes interdisciplinary learning. In one situation, kids could conduct a scientific investigation by experimenting with various materials, shapes, and textures using blocks. In a different situation, kids could take up a problem in engineering by investigating how different block shapes affect the stability of a tower they are building.

Our committed teachers combine these topic areas to produce engaging activities that inspire kids to explore the world from various STEAM perspectives. We encourage critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and reflection on their learning experiences. Our objective is to encourage kids to become the next generation of curious explorers ready to pose questions and self-assured in their capacity to find solutions.

Our approach to learning combines STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) to provide kids with a complete grasp of the world. We encourage youngsters to examine processes, make predictions, and test their beliefs as we create an inquiry-based scientific mentality. Technology is essential as we offer a variety of instruments and equipment for practical studies. Children may use their technological know-how and scientific information to address issues in the real world through engineering activities. We encourage creativity and provide accessible channels for artistic expression via art. Children work on projects like painting, sketching, and sculpting while having the opportunity to experiment with various supplies and media. As kids explore their immediate world, mathematics is interwoven into their learning to help children understand numbers, shapes, sizes, and amounts. Using a holistic approach, we enable kids to get a comprehensive awareness of the world and provide the skills they need to succeed.


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